“Play By The Rules” Brings Law Learning To Youth


Guam – “Play By The Rules” is an innovative national education program that teaches youth about laws to prevent youth crimes.

This program has been embraced by both the Judiciary of Guam and Guam Department of Education.

The National Director Ponya Parks, is on island to conduct site visits to local schools to monitor the national program. Parks says the book designed for the program is an easy question and answer format and covers about 200 laws.

According to National Director Ponya Parks, “The ideas that the youth will get from this program is that the laws are designed especially for kids, the laws are designed to protect and not to punish them. And that we want them to understand that. And we also want them to understand that every decision they make and every action that they take has a consequence whether its negative or positive. At this point we want kids to know that you cant play the game if you don’t know the rules, thus we have “Play By The Rules”.

Guam is one of four jurisdictions in the U.S. awarded funds to take part of this award winning crime prevention program for teaching state specific law to primary seventh grade student. The other three jurisdictions are Connecticut, Texas and Nevada.