“Signature on Document Not That of Canto’s Girlfriend, AAG Richelle Yu”


Guam – A document that Assistant Attorney General Richelle Yu allegedly signed in her boyfriend, Superior Court Judge James Canto’s courtroom, was actually not signed by her, but rather a different prosecutor originally assigned to the case.

The document pertains to a stalking and harassment case assigned to Judge Canto. Questions were raised earlier this week when Yu’s name appeared on a document with a signature above her name. But Attorney General Spokesperson Carlina Charfauros says the signature does not belong to Yu, it belongs to Assistant Attorney General Christine Tenorio who handled the case.

Charfauros says it’s possible the case was temporarily assigned to Yu, but noting her apparent involvement with Judge Canto, she did not go forward with handling the case. Canto’s competency has been questioned by Attorneys Randy Cunliffe and Curtis Van De Veld, both of whom have cases in Canto’s court.

The two attorneys feel Canto is biased in favor of the prosecution after his girlfriend has been spotted in his courtroom.