VIDEO: “Spice” Returns to Island in New Form


Guam – A drug that found its way onto school campuses last year could be back in a new form. 

Lawmakers banned the substance known as “Spice” with an amendment to the controlled substance act in January but another version of the drug is being sold again, today.

“Spice” is a mixture of herbs and spices sprayed with a synthetic chemical and is known to produce an effect similar to marijuana when smoked. The active ingredients in the substance were banned by Public Law 31-164 in January but its not hard to your hands on it today.

PNC went undercover to So-Kel in Hagatna where we’d heard the drug could be found. While we were told they don’t have “Spice” anymore the clerk was able to offer what she called some “herbal varieties” under the names “Wicked X” and “Mary J.”

The so called “herbal varieties” sell for about $45 a piece, a much higher price than the $5 price what we found at the Play Boy II Shop in Harman last November before Public Law 31-164 was passed. So whats the difference? PNC went back inside So-Kel, with the camera this time, to find out.

“I know this is legal,” store clerk Lysa Toves told PNC.

The manager of So-Kel was unavailable but Toves told us that the “herbal varieties” sold at the store were developed after Salvia Divinorum was listed as a Schedule 1 substance in Public Law 31-164.

The clerk also told PNC that the store only sells the product to customers over 18.

Illegal varieties of the substance are likely being sold on island however, Lt Scott Wade of GPD’s Criminal Investigation division confirmed to PNC that an investigation into the sale of spice is ongoing.

“An investigation is ongoing into numerous locations and a resolution is forthcoming” Wade said in a statement.