“Technical Problems” Prompt Return of Manila Bound Continental Flight 891 to Guam


Guam – Guam International Airport Spokesperson Rolenda Faasuamalie says Continental Flight 891 to Manila returned to Guam this morning due to what she called “technical problems.” A statement from Continental called the problem “mechanical issues.” 

A call to the PNC Newsroom from a passenger on the flight said they were an hour and a half into the flight, en-route to Manila, when the Captain informed them they would be “dumping fuel” and returning to Guam.

Faasuamalie said Flight CO-891 departed Guam for Manila at 8:10 this morning. GIAA ramp control then later received word that the flight was returning “due to technical problems. It arrived back at the GIAA terminal at 9:50 am.

GIAA has not received any information on when or if the flight will resume, said Faasuamalie. And she did not have any details on what the “technical problems” were or why flight 891 was forced to return to Guam. She directed that question to Continental.

The Continental Corporate Office directed our inquiry on Flight 891 to Continental’s Corporate Communications representative Mary Torre.

Torres issued the following statement from United-Continental’s Director of Corporate Communications, Koji Nagata:

“Continental 891 left Guam at 8:10 am on time for Manila. The pilot decided to return to Guam due to mechanical issues and safely landed on Guam at 9:49 am. No emergency was declared. A total of 116 people were on board. Mechanics worked on the issue and the flight left Guam for Mania at 12:09 pm.”