Quality Cup SATURDAY Results


Guam – Juniors tennis action in the 2012 Quality Cup continued SATURDAY at both the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa and the Rick Ninete Tennis Center tennis courts.

Finals for all junior divisions will be played SUNDAY.

The complete draw and locations of today’s matches are posted at the Hilton and RNTC.


Boy’s 18-and-under singles

Round of 16

Jonah Buensuceso def. Juancho Solivio, 9-8(7)

Alexander Ornbo (3) def. Calvin Gaston, 8-1

Andrew Chung def. Emil-Krisnan Penafiel, 8-6

Joshua Cepeda (4) def. Nicko Inocencio, 8-3

Alfred Chan (2) def. Victor Tuncap, 8-1

Ranson Tilfas def. Joshua Gallego, 9-7

David Okuhama def. Junior Robert, default


Emil-Christian Penafiel (1) def. Jonah Buensuceso, 8-0

Alexander Ornbo (3) def. Andrew Chung, 8-5

Joshua Cepeda (4) def. Ranson Tilfas, 8-6

Alfred Chan (2) def. David Okuhama, 9-8(5)

Boys’ 16-and-under singles

Friday’s matches:

Emil Christian Penafiel (1) def. Ranson Tilfas, 8-3

Anthony John def. Junior Robert, 8-1

David Okuhama (4) def. Tom Park, 8-2

Joshua Gallego def. Jonah Buensuceso, 8-1

Andrew Chung def. Fuji Shimoda, 8-2

Joshua Cepeda (3) def. Daniel Dimag, 8-0

Derek Okuhama def. Ryan Freeman, 8-2

Alfred Chan (2) def. Edward Chung, 8-1

Saturday’s matches:

Emil-Christian Penafiel def. Anthony John, 8-1

David Okuhama (4) def. Joshua Gallego, 9-7

Joshua Cepeda (3) def. Andrew Chung, 9-8 (4)

Alfred Chan (2) def. Derek Okuhama, 8-6

Boys 16-and-under singles (Challenger)

Victor Tuncap def. Erwin Soto, 8-6

Brian Tuncap def. Joshua Mendiola 8-5

Boys 14-and-under singles (Open)

Sidney Gadsden def. Fujin Shimoda, 8-1

Gavin Lee def. Edward Chung, 8-1

Andrew Chung (2) def. Brian Tuncap, 8-3


Sidney Gadsden def. Derek Okuhama (1),  8-2

Gavin Lee def. Andrew Chung (2), 8-4

Boys 14-and-under (Challenger)

Mason Caldwell def. Daniel Han, 8-0

Boys 12-and-under singles (Open)

Mason Caldwell def. Marshall Zhang, 8-2

Sidney Gadsden (1) def. Mason Caldwell, 8-0

Boys 12-and-under singles (Challenger)

Andrew Leng def. Brandon Yu, 8-4

Kevin Zhu def. Arya Rahmani, 8-5


Gabriel Tan def. Andrew Leng, 8-1

Camden Camacho def. Kevin Zhu, 8-4

[Gabriel Tan]

Boys 10-and-under singles

Aaron Abrams def. Myles

Camden Camacho (2) def. Justin Kim, 6-0

Dakota Gibson def. Andrew Leng, 6-0

Marshall Zhang def. Kyle Ehrenreich, 6-1

Gabriel Tan (1) def. Aaron Abrams, 6-3

Girls 18-and-under singles

Charlayne Espinosa def. Emmanuelle Haurillon, 8-0

Chloe Gadsden def. Camdyn Nadler, 8-0

Girls 16-and-under singles

Chloe Gadsden def. Alyssa Bristol 8-0

Camdyn Nadler def. Jonita Cepeda, 8-0

[Chloe Gadsden]


Camdyn Nadler (2) def. Emmanuelle Haurillon

Girls 14-and-under singles (Open)

Camdyn Nadler def. Kiara Castro-Birriel, 8-0

Girls 12-and-under singles (Open)

Kiara Castro-Birriel def. Kanasta Abrams, 8-3

Girls 18-and-under doubles

Ashley Nadler/Hyun Joo Suh def. Jonita Cepeda/Tonni Arellano, 8-3

Girls 16-and-under doubles

Paulani Lansing/Ashley Nadler def. Andrea Lai/Allie Lai, 8-3

Other match scores were not available as of press time.