Quarantine may be ‘relaxed’ to allow people to go home earlier

Tumon hotel used by the government of Guam for quarantine. (PNC file photo)

GovGuam’s passenger quarantining policy has been under heavy fire in recent days, with lawsuits, public complaints and even some in the medical community speaking out against it.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, with the Governor’s Physicians Advisory Group, was on the air with Newstalk k57 defending the policy, saying many people weren’t abiding by their home-quarantine.

He says, however, that their team is moving forward with updating and relaxing the duration in the GovGuam so-called “QFAC” so people can go home earlier.

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“We are pushing to see if we can push for the 7-day QFAC testing out, rather than 14-days. What I can tell you is we don’t like to keep people in the QFAC either, it’s just the safety and how to approach this thing in a way where we don’t continue to have a recurring surge like we have right now,” Dr. Nguyen said.

“It doesn’t mean that they go home and travel around. You still have to go home and quarantine for the remaining 7 days, so that it’s the full 14-days.”

Dr. Nguyen says the updated quarantining guidance is expected shortly from Public Health.

He says the department is working through the kinks and hoping to finish it up by the end of this month.