Quarantined travelers transferred to Pacific Star hotel

Buses transport the quarantined travelers to Pacific Star hotel. (Photo by Allan Balbin)

Quarantined travelers from the Philippines housed at the Days Inn were transferred Monday night to Pacific Star Hotel Resort & Spa.

The Governor’s Office declined to identify the Pacific Star as a quarantine site.

However, the Governor’s Press Secretary Krystal Paco-San Agustin issued the following statement: “The government of Guam has acquired a new quarantine facility which is better suited to that mission. Our other facilities are being monitored to meet the medical mission associated with COVID-19.”

One of the quarantined passengers, who has identified himself to PNC News as “Joe”, told K-57 this morning that he was among the passengers transferred from the Day’s Inn to the Pacific Star last night.

‘Joe’ said he was told the hotel has now been “designated a government facility” and they “can not order room service.”

Buses wait for the quarantined travelers at Days Inn for transfer to the Pacific Star, their new quarantine location. (Photo by Allan Balbin)

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