Questions Still Surround Cabras Investigation; CCU Chair Says Its ‘Far From Over’


The Guam Fire Department is waiting on ‘technical information’ from the insurance company and GPA before they can close the investigation.

Guam – Although the Guam Fire Department has deemed the explosions at Cabras 3&4 an accident, CCU Chairman Joey Duenas says the investigation into the explosion is ‘far from over.’





CCU chairman Joey Duenas says that GPA has yet to enter the Cabras 3&4 power plants.


“We don’t know yet because we haven’t been in the plant. Until we get into the plant, we won’t know and we cant get into the plant until we can make sure it is structurally sound for people to be in there,” said Duenas.


Duenas says any information that GPA has regarding the night of the explosion is based on security footage from the power plants. So with the news of the Guam Fire Department deeming the explosions ‘accidental,’ we asked Duenas if GFD was able to enter the building since GPA is not allowed in.


“Honestly you’ll have to ask them how they did that because we have looked and we’ve seen different things and basically all we know is from the video and I’m not sure if that’s what they did too they looked at the video,” said Duenas


GFD Capt. Ron Castro, who worked on the investigation, says that GFD was only permitted to go into areas where the structural engineers deemed structurally safe and he says they weren’t able to access the engine unit. Castro says they were able to observe the unit from inside the building.


With one part of the investigation into the explosions at Cabras 3&4 complete, Duenas says that GPA still has an investigation to do to look into the root cause of the explosions. He also mentions the insurance company, Lloyds of London, will most likely have to their own investigation.


“You know there’s an insurance company that may be writing a big check so we’re sure that they’re gonna want there people to come in and do there own investigation also. So this is far from over, I mean the fire department has done its job and done it well so we have a lot more work to do,” said Duenas.