Quinata Defense Files Motion For Acquittal Citing ‘Lack Of Evidence’

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In the Quinata trial today, the defense motioned for acquittal due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Here is PNC’s Don Sulat with the update…

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Defense Attorney Pete Santos filed a motion for acquittal, arguing of a lack of evidence and that there is no physical nor testimonial evidence confirming that Quinata had struck the late mayor – Daniel Sanchez.

However, Prosecuting Attorney Leonardo Rapadas argued otherwise, such as Sanchez’s being in Quinata’s home, in which Quinata, Joyner Sked, and the late mayor were together the night of the murder. There is also the fact that Quinata had wanted to turn himself in.

Judge Vernon Perez ruled not to grant acquittal, citing several pieces of evidence that appeared before the Court.

Thereafter, the trial moved on to the jury.

The defense called upon Quinata’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, who also testified that Sked and Quinata’s relationship was “very dramatic.” She also testified that Quinata was afraid of Sked.

Moreover, Austin also testified that Sked had allegedly verbally “bully Quinata” and had at one point sheltered Quinata.

As of broadcast, it seems as though the trial will continue tomorrow.