Quinata trial now before jury

Rudy Quinata was found guilty of the murder of former Humatak mayor on Apr. 14, 2022. (Photo by Media Pool)

The Superior Court of Guam heard closing arguments for the Rudy Quinata trial.

In his closing remark, Prosecuting Attorney, Leonardo Ropadas highlighted that Jane Roe, a minor who lived next door to him, heard Quinata yelling during the night of the incident.

Former Humatak Mayor Daniel Sanchez was found inside Quinata’s home and was locked from the outside, pointed out Ropadas.

As PNC previously reported, Sanchez’s body was found to have suffered 4 blows to the head, and 23 stab wounds, presumably from a hammer and scissors found at the scene.

Meanwhile, Defense Attorney Pete Santos continued to push that Joyner Sked was the one who ultimately murdered the late mayor, going as far to call her a “psycho.” He argued that detectives and officers that were assigned to this case had “tunnel vision.” According to Santos, GPD made their own theories and conducted their investigation around those theories, instead of conducting their investigation neutrally.

The person responsible for the murder of Sanchez, argued Santos, is already behind bars. He asserted that Sked was abusive to Quinata and that their relationship was “rocky.”

Following the closing arguments of both the Prosecution and the Defense, the verdict was left to the jury.

As of broadcast, the Jury was still deliberating on the final verdict of Rudy Quinata.