Quinata urged to expedite process building new Simon Sanchez High School

Democrat Sen. Roy Quinata

The new Home of the Sharks is one step closer to being built. 

After an oversight hearing on Bill 94-37, Democrat Sen. Roy Quinata said he hopes to get the measure on the floor soon.

At the Guam Congress Building in Hagatna, the 37th Guam Legislature held a roundtable hearing on May 18 for Bill 94-37 which aims to repeal and reenact the Ma Kåhat Act of 2013, a law for the construction of a new Simon A. Sanchez High School.

The measure introduced by Quinata, if enacted, would end the 10-year-long struggle to build a new Simon A. Sanchez High School under a lease-back agreement. 

A public hearing was held last month and several recommendations were brought up.

During the oversight hearing, most of the issues that were brought up before had been addressed. 

According to Cedric Cruz, the project’s architect, the first part of the construction is to build the new campus on the southern portion of the property instead of the northern where the school is located now.

The first phase would be expected to start this year and phase two by 2025. 

“In phase two we demolish, once the new facility has been completed and the school has been moved into the new facility, we then proceed with demolishing the old facility, the old campus and constructing the new sports fields,” said Cruz.

If Bill 94-37 were to pass, the new campus would have four tennis courts, a football field and track, a gymnasium, auditorium and a courtyard, among other facilities.

Maria Gutierrez, Vice Chair Woman Guam Education Board, said she was in support of the amended bill and urged to expedite the process and have the measure move on. 

“We need to move on, we need to move on,” said Gutierrez. “This has been taking too long. We cannot procrastinate, we cannot wait for another year. The Department has to get their act moving because the clock is ticking.”

Maria Gutierrez

Quinata said he hoped the measure made it to the floor as soon as possible.