“UOG Green” Launches Recycling Media Campaign


Guam – UOG Green interns, along with University of Guam communication, music, and business students, and George Washington High School Marine Mania students collaborated to create a recycling media campaign launched this week.


“The goal of the campaign is to promote awareness of recycling and encourage people to recycle aluminum cans and plastic containers marked 1 and 2,” said Cathleen Moore-Linn, UOG director of integrated marketing communication. “The students’ creativity helped to shape the campaign and deliver the message in a positive, upbeat way that encourages people to get involved in Guam’s recycling revolution.”

 Hear the ad

All of the advertisements drive listeners and viewers to the UOG Green Facebook page where they can connect with others who share their passion for protecting the environment. A recycling guide, recycling tips, and stories about green activities are available on the page, which is managed by fall 2010 marketing graduate Brian Borja. “As the new public law requiring a deposit on beverage containers begins to unfold we will post all the current information on the UOG Green Facebook page so that we can support behavior change within our community. The end result will be less trash and a cleaner island.” Borja also encourages others to share their green experiences on the UOG Green Facebook page.


Radio commercials, online advertisements and a television commercial are airing on various media outlets as of January 3. Along with Borja, Stanley Paracale developed flash advertisements for use in online formats, Anton Richard Ngata was the videographer, and other students helped write lyrics or were featured as on camera talent. UOG music professor Randall Johnson developed the music track for the TV commercial using recyclable materials to create the beat.


A grant from the Department of Interior funded the campaign with an overarching goal of creating a cleaner and greener Guam.