“We Are Guahan” Warning Traffic Woes Will Be Worse During Buildup


Guam – “We Are Guåhan” has released its fifth Grey Paper on the buildup which focuses on DPW and traffic.

In a release, the group says they have compiled some of the findings made by DoD in the Final EIS and the Department of Public Works (“DPW”) in its 2030 Guam Transportation Plan regarding the impacts of the buildup on traffic and our roadways. 

Read the “We Are Guhan” Grey Paper

Some of these impacts include:

·      An increase in the number of heavy trucks on the road that will cause more traffic, more congestion, and more wear on the roads.

·      A 50% increase in the number of cars traveling on key roads.

·      Traffic delays more than 4 times longer than what they would be without the buildup.

According to the Final EIS, there are 43 off-base road “improvement” projects.  Over half of these projects involve strengthening the pavement for DoD’s heavy construction trucks.  DoD has also identified 9 proposed road widening projects.  Over half of these projects are tied to DoD properties, such as NCTS Finegayan, Radio Barrigada and Andersen Air Force Base.  “We hear a lot about ‘improvements’ to our roads, but what we’ve read is that a lot of these projects are just strengthening pavement to accommodate DoD’s heavy construction trucks,” says We Are Guåhan member Cara Flores-Mays.  “How many of these projects are actually going to improve life for people outside the fence?”   

The estimate of traffic delays being 4 times longer does not appear to include the traffic that Guam residents are expected to experience during the time that the roads and bridges are strengthened or widened for the buildup.  “Whether its more time spent away our families and on the road,” says Flores-Mays, “or delays for emergency responders, traffic plays a huge role in our quality of life. It may seem like a small detail, but it’s something that affects us all.  ”