Race for Water Odyssey Will Make Stop on Guam Next Month


In an effort to stop ocean plastic pollution, a group of seafarers will travel to various islands around the world, including Guam, to spread awareness about ocean pollution and highlight its consequences.

300 days at sea. One boat, one team, one year.

The Race for Water Foundation based in Switzerland is spearheading the Race for Water Odyssey or what they call a “race against time to save the oceans”. The unique voyage started on March 15 when the crew departed Bordeux, France. The Race for Water team is currently in Hawaii and will be on island next month.

Not only do they plan to educate people on Guam, the group’s goal is to draw up the first global report about plastic pollution in the oceans. While on island, they will be conducting a sailing session and several workshops for students.

For more information about the Race for Water Odyssey, visit our website www.raceforwater.com 


[Photo credit: raceforwater]