Raid at DOC, 2 homes leads to arrest of high ranking officer


The Guam Police Department’s Mandana Drug Task Force, along with other local and federal agencies, have been investigating the case for the last couple of months.

Guam – Five corrections officers, one of whom is high ranking, are now behind bars as part of a major investigation into prison contraband.

It began with a raid early this morning at the Mangilao prison facility followed by a raid at two residences, one of which was located in Barrigada.

Five officers will now be locked up behind the very bars they once had the keys to. The five officers are Lt. Jeff Limo, Frankie Rosalin, Gerry Hocog, Edward Crisostomo and Jerome San Nicolas.

At a press conference today, Chief of Police JI Cruz officially announced the charges each of them face. 

“Lt. Limo was arrested for official misconduct, receiving bribes and accepting gratuities for past services. Officer Edward Crisostomo was arrested for the use or carry of a firearm during or in relation to further trafficking. Corrections Officer Jerry Hocog was arrested for official misconduct, promoting prison contraband and conspiracy to promote prison contraband. Corrections Officer Franklin Rosalin was arrested for official misconduct and promoting prison contraband,” announced Cruz.

San Nicolas was also charged with official misconduct, criminal facilitation, conspiracy to promote prison contraband and illegal possession of drugs and firearms. 

Chief Cruz says the investigation began a few months ago and culminated with a raid early this morning at the DOC Mangilao compound, followed by a raid at two homes.

Three individuals were addtionally arrested: Paul Johnson, Roxanne Hocog and Department of Public Works employee Ron Meno.  

“As a result of that shakedown, officers confiscated cell phones and what is suspected to be crystal methamphetamine also known as ice,” Cruz noted.

At the residence, authorities confiscated ice, several firearms and cash.  

“We believe that at one of the residences, there were over 30 grams of crystal methamphetamine. We’re still trying to confirm the amount at the second residence,” Cruz said.

Although Chief Cruz declined to provide further details, noting that the investigation is still ongoing, he did speak about the connection to the DPW employee.

“Through the course of the investigation, we have evidence that has led us to believe that there are a collaboration that has been going on,” explained Cruz.

At least one of the five officers arrested is high ranking; namely Lt. Limo, who’s served as the internal affairs officer and spokesman for DOC for several years. Limo has been a respected figure within DOC and has spearheaded a number of investigations into prison contraband. While his image and that of DOC may be tainted, DOC Director Tony Lamorena says the morale at DOC remains high. 

“You know, it’s a sad day for DOC. The reality is we need to let the process take its course, but we also don’t condone any illegal activities,” Lamorena said.

The stunning arrests of the five guards follows recent news of increased contraband findings at the facility, the discovery of a hole in a fence and a drone that was found inside the facility last month. There are currently 28 pending internal affairs cases at DOC that Limo was investigating.

As the head of the internal affairs department, Limo’s arrest has left a vacancy. Lamorena has appointed Capt. Antone Aguon to serve as the acting internal affairs officer during Limo’s absence.  

As Limo was being escorted into the Hagatna Precinct for processing Thursday, he had very little to say.

“Let’s respect the process,” he uttered.

At DOC, arrangements have been made for the five officers’ incarceration. Lamorena says this is to ensure the officers’ safety.

The five officers have not been terminated as Lamorena says there is a civil service process in which GovGuam employees must first be served with adverse action. That will happen, Lamorena notes, after GPD concludes its criminal investigation. At this point, more arrests are expected.