United’s Plane Pull Raises $157K to Fight Cancer


Guam –  Team Hal’s Angel’s took first place in the men’s division of the 7th annual Plane Pull Saturday while Team Hala claimed the top honors in the co-ed division.

The theme for the United sponsored event this year was “Towing the Line to Save Lives”. 

3,500 people took part, raising more than $157-thousand dollars for the American Caner Society.

30 teams participated and each team was made up of 20 members, with 5 alternates. The co-ed teams had to have a minimum of 6 female members.

It took place outside United’s Tiyan hanger at the Guam International Airport.

The goal of the competition was to pull a United Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft along a 12 foot lane in the least amount of time.

A Boeing 737 is 129 feet long, 41 feet high and 124 feet wide, weighing a total of 145,000 pounds.

Team Hal’s Angel’s won with a time of 5-minutes 14-seconds. The Hala Team won the co-ed division with a time of 5-minutes 45-seconds.


Over the course of the past 7 years, the annual Plane Pull event has raised $157,000 for the American Cancer Society.