Rambie’s customer finds cockroach in food; Public Health deems it an isolated incident


“It’s possible this was a one-time thing. Sometimes, you can have a ‘thing’ in your food without an infestation.” –Public Health Director James Gillan

Guam – Yet another cockroach complaint waged against the Micronesia Mall, but this time, the alleged infestation is taking place on the opposite end of the food court.

One individual took to social media yesterday claiming they found the unsightly pest in their food.

The post warns, “Please be aware and very cautious of the food you are ordering. This evening, my friend purchased food from Rambie’s (located at the Micronesia Mall food court) in which she discovered a small cockroach on one of the meats in her chop suey.”

Perhaps even more concerning was the alleged response from the vendor. The post claims, “they didn’t even bother to throw out the dish and continued to serve it to other customers.”

Meanwhile, Public Health Director Jim Gillan tells PNC that they’ve received an official complaint against Rambies and conducted investigations today.

But when PNC reached out to Rambie’s concerning the alleged pest concerns, the manager of the Filipino restaurant claims that no such health violations were found.

In fact, the manager said a routine inspection conducted by Public Health revealed a zero-A grade.

In response, Public Health Director Gillan explains that the situation, could have just been an isolated incident.

Gillan added: “It’s possible this was a one-time thing. Sometimes, you can have a ‘thing’ in your food without an infestation…Rambie’s is one of the few, if not the only vendor there that contracts pest control on their own rather than rely on mall management.”