Rapid Engagement Team to continue testing in Gil Baza and Zero Down

Community outreach COVID-19 testing (PNC file photo)

The Department of Public Health and Social Services’ (DPHSS) Rapid Engagement Team (RET), in partnership with the Office of the Governor, Yigo Mayor’s Office, Yona Mayor’s Office, FSM Consulate Office, State Surgeon Cell, Guam Homeland Security, Guam National Guard, Department of Public Works, Guam Fire Department, Guam Police Department, and other agencies, will be returning to the subdivisions of Gil Baza and Zero Down in Yigo for its third day of offering free COVID-19 to residents who live there.

The mission of RET is to visit all the homes and engage the residents in the two subdivisions. While there, RET nurses and support staff visit residents in their homes and offer COVID-19 testing as well as other wraparound services, such as supplies and educational material.

The following is a breakdown of results for the Rapid Engagement Team Outreach in Gil Baza and Zero Down:

Thursday, October 15 

Total samples collected: 124

Positive: 48

Negative: 76

Friday, October 16

Total samples collected: 167

Positive: 33

Negative: 134

(JIC Release No. 402)