Ratepayers Voice Concern Over Power Credit Confusion

Guam Power Authority (PNC file photo)

Some Ratepayers voice concern over their billing statements from the Guam Power Authority, which appear to show that they owe $100, instead of $100 being deducted from their bill due to the power credit.

Here’s PNC’s Don Sulat to shed some light on the situation

Confusion on power bills is due to timing issues, says Commission on utility member Simon Sanchez.

In a statement to PNC, Sanchez said that the issue stems from when the latest bill is issued when the last payment was received, and when the $100 credit was applied by GPA.

Concerns were raised, as some ratepayers’ bill shows that they have a $100 amount in their arrears.

An arrear is money that is owed that should have been paid earlier.

The $100 is supposed to be a credit that is meant to be deducted from the ratepayer’s bill each month, which started in August.

However, some ratepayers’ bills show that they have a $100 in arrears portion of their bills.

In order to address the situation, a GPA employee clarified how the timing issue could have happened during today’s CCU meeting.

They said, “Basically what had happened is because of the timing of the payment, because it was paid after, the following month’s credit was applied, it’s showing that – the two month’s credit for your balance – is showing that you received two months’ worth of credit.”

Sanchez told PNC that “GPA assures ratepayers that the billing and credits are accurate, but that the billing format may be confusing.”

Sanches adds that ratepayers should contact GPA customer service if they are unsure of their billing and that GPA will re-visit the bill format to make it more clear.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center
I’m Don Sulat