DOA Sends Out Notices of Proposed Layoffs to GovGuam Employees


Guam -The notice of proposed layoffs went out today [Friday] from the Department of  Administration under the signature of  DOA Director Benita Manglona who begins by writing “This is a very difficult decision for me to make…”

Because of  GovGuam’s financial crisis, Manglona writes that it is necessary to give this notice of  proposed layoffs and she advises that the Layoff  Policy will be applied to “ensure equity and fairness.”

READ the notice of proposed layoffs sent to GovGuam employees

It will be at least 90 days from today before any employee actually loses their job. The rules require that DOA must wait a minimum of  30 days before actually issuing a notice of  layoff.  Then, any employee who has received a layoff notice, has another 60 days before the layoff takes effect. Classified employees can appeal their layoff notice to the Civil Service Commission.

Layoffs will be a last resort, says the DOA Director, and a retention register will be developed to determine the order of layoffs, based on length of service and performance evaluations.

In addition, in lieu of layoffs, provided funds are available, employees have the option of:

* electing voluntary transfer

* accepting a demotions

* accepting a salary reduction

If you are laid off, you will be placed on the Layoff Reinstatement List and, at the employee’s discretion, you can also be placed on the Priority Placement Program [PPP] if another jobs within GovGuam becomes available.