Record of Decision on Buildup Delayed; Likely Out in August


JGPO Deputy Director Major Darren Alvarez Says Guam Military Buildup Still Moving Forward

Guam – The Record of Decision for the Guam Military Buildup will likely be out sometime this August.



 Officials say the Record of Decision will be out in late summer. Before the Record of Decision comes out the Final SEIS has to be released. After the Final SEIS is released they must wait 30 days before releasing the Record of Decision. Late summer is a significant delay as the Record of Decision for the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement was originally due out at the beginning of 2015. Major Dale Alvarez says several things have delayed its release including federal sequestration and most recently consultations with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife. Fish and Wildlife is concerned with habitat destruction of the Marianas Kingfisher and other endangered species.