Recovered COVID-19 patient asks people not to be judgmental

Dededo resident Daniel Pagsanjan was tested twice before he was told that he was positive for COVID-19.

As the island’s number of COVID-19 cases grows, many have already recovered from the virus.

PNC spoke with one patient who tested positive for COVID-19 and was recently cleared by Public Health.

Dededo resident Daniel Pagsanjan was tested twice before he was told that he was positive for COVID-19. He initially went to the Seventh Day Adventist clinic on March 22 to get treatment for a fever and mild cough, where he tested negative for the virus.

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When he started coughing up bloody phlegm a week later, he revisited the clinic where he was tested again.

“On April 2, my doctor called me at night at around 9 pm. I couldn’t believe it myself because I knew that I was recovering already and each day, I was feeling better. The antibiotics were helping. Then April 3rd, Public Health came to our place to give us the documents. I signed the documents saying that I would home isolate and that they’d be calling me twice a day – morning and afternoon,” Pagsanjan said.

Because he lives with his father and his brother, he says he and his family took several precautions to keep each other safe during his time in isolation.

“I had my own plate, my own cup, my own utensils. They were cooking for me and if I were to cook, I would only cook for myself,” he said.

Pagsanjan was cleared by Public Health on April 8 and is no longer in isolation.

He says that he isn’t sure how he got infected – whether it was through a friend who came back from Thailand or a trip to the grocery store. But says that in this time of uncertainty, it’s important to be compassionate to COVID-19 patients and to not blame anyone who gets sick, especially considering that the virus does not discriminate on who it infects.

“Don’t be quick to judge. Let’s not blame like, ‘Oh, I got it from you!’ Because no one can tell. No one can see the virus. The moment that you give that negativity towards a person – coming from being a counselor myself – of course, it passes on,” Pagsanjan said.