Rector Disappointed With Palacios’ Decision Not To Hold Oversight Hearing On DOA


Guam – Guam Federation of Teachers President Matt Rector is disappointed by Senator Adolpho Palacios decision not to have an oversight hearing on Department of Administration’s lack of action involving various cases with GMH Nurses, DPW bus drivers, Port Authority of Guam workers and GFD firefighters.

Today Rector says,  “If a senator chairs a committee, it’s their job to make sure the agency performs to what is mandated by law. He says if there’s a doubt an agency is not doing their job, its the senators job to hold an oversight hearing to find out whether or not they are doing their job. If they are not doing their job, why not.”

According to Rector,  we have a clear pattern of DOA not doing their job, of not enforcing the law. And unfortunately Senator Palacios refused to hold an oversight hearing to hold this agency accountable. We really think thats a shame. I beleive its Palacios’s duty as a senator to do this and be the check and balance to the administration that we have in this democratic system.

According to Rector, Palacios didn’t give a specific reason why his request for a hearing was denied.