Regional, local FSM participation in Guam migrant issues pushed

Sen. James Moylan has just come back from Pohnpei after attending newly elected Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) President David Panuelo's inauguration.

Senator James S. Moylan is pushing for the inclusion of the region’s leaders as well as the local FSM community on island to help address Guam’s growing migrant problems.

Moylan, who just came back from Pohnpei after attending newly elected Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) President David Panuelo’s inauguration, said GovGuam needs to extend its relationships with regional leaders and take the opportunity to engage in discussions on FSM issues crucial to Guam.

“When it comes to addressing some of these regional migrant issues, as a government, we need to establish immediate and short term action plans, many of which revolve around the inclusion of the FSM community within areas such as neighborhood watch, mentoring, after school, sports or an array of programs,” the senator said.

He added: “But we also need to work with regional leaders on long term plans such as voluntarily preparing those migrants relocating to Guam, when it comes to workforce development, understanding of our laws and customs, and of course acclimation. Preventive measures are critical. Likewise, issues such as deportation of those who commit felonies as well screening processes should also be further discussed.”

During his trip to Pohnpei, aside from a personal meeting with President Panuelo, Moylan also had the opportunity to sit down with Governor Johnson Elimo of Chuuk and Governor Marcelo Peterson of Pohnpei, while briefly meeting with Speaker Wesley Simina of the FSM National Congress. Discussions ranged from addressing public safety concerns, education and workforce development.

“We certainly received positive commitments from officials, and the next steps include furthering the discussions and laying out reasonable plans. This is just the start, as something needed to be initiated,” Moylan said.

The senator has extended invitations to these leaders, some of whom plan to visit their constituents on Guam in the coming weeks and months, with the hopes of bringing messages of solidarity and encouragement, particularly for the youth and the younger generation of their respective communities.