Rehabilitation and upgrade coming to PAG’s EQMR Building and Warehouse 1

The Port Authority of Guam, along with the Governor of Guam, held a Groundbreaking Ceremony on April 19 for the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Equipment, Maintenance and Repair (EQMR) Building and Warehouse 1 as a part of the Port Modernization Program at the EQMR Building within the Port terminal yard. Photo by PNC's Althea Engman

A groundbreaking ceremony introduced an improved building and warehouse for the Port Authority of Guam, the island’s only deep water Port, which offers facilities and services to ships of all registries.

PAG in Piti on April 19 invited the public to join a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Rehabilitation and Upgrade of the Equipment, Maintenance and Repair Building and Warehouse 1 as part of the Port Modernization Program.

The EQMR building holds all the repair and maintenance of all the port’s heavy equipment such as forklifts, transportation fleet, cargo handling equipment and tractors.

The project contracted with JJ Global cost up to 2.6 million dollars, including the EQMR and warehouse, with the funds being appropriated from the PAG.

Repairs and upgrades to the project sites will harden 79,000 square feet of warehouse space.

“I know you explained about the EQMR here and Warehouse 1 … and that’s just the leadership with the board motivation to keep you guys in the place of safety and to make sure we don’t have any accidents here or any issues because the facility is not up to par,” said Democrat Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero. “So, this is what this is about not just putting up new buildings and making our buildings strong.”

She highlighted the importance of the agency.

“The port is the most critical, agency for the economy commerce and trade,” Leon Guerrero said. “And we want to always make sure that we have a port that has the capacity to move our economy forward and make our island strong without the port we will really set back tremendously.”

Additionally, structural repairs will address existing cracks and spalling affecting the overall structure of both EQMR Building and Warehouse 1.

The project also includes repairs to the mechanical and electrical systems within the EQMR Building, upgrades to the fire protection system and inspection and replacement of corroded reinforced steel in Warehouse 1.

The EQMR project is anticipated to be completed 365 days from the issuance of Notice to Proceed whereas Warehouse 1 will be 92 days from notice to proceed.


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