“Release the Lease” – lawmakers requesting to see full Eagles Field lease

Satellite view of Eagle's Field in Mangilao.

Lawmakers are calling for Governor Lou Leon Guerrero to “release the lease” on Eagle’s Field.

The demand from the legislative branch to see the lease comes after a letter from JRM to the Governor was revealed.

“In the event you or an authorized representative of the Government of Guam do not sign this lease within 30 days, the identified land will be rededicated to future military use to meet mission requirements.” said Join Region Marianas Commander Rear Admiral Benjamin Nicholson, in a letter to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

The letter, which is dated on March 15th, also revealed that on March 1st, US Congress was notified of the proposed lease.

That part of the letter garnered reactions from lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.

With Democratic Senator Chris Barnett, through social media, questioning why Congress was able to see a copy of the lease before the legislature.

Meanwhile, the letter prompted a “Freedom of Information Act” request from Republican Senator Tom Fisher.

With Fisher saying in part, “we as Guam’s Legislative branch can’t even opine because we don’t even know what is included in the lease.”

Further adding, “for a project that may obligate our people to a century long contract at a cost of over $1 billion, Guam’s lawmakers must be involved. For now, we just want information.”

All this coming out after Governor Lou Leon Guerrero’s state of the island address.