Thieves Rip Off Relics From St. Fidelis Friary


Guam – Thieves apparently know no bounds. The St. Fidelis Friary is missing 2 relics that were stolen from the altar in the Firary’s Chapel on Monday.

Pale Eric Forbes sent a mass email yesterday with a call to look out for the relics of  saints. He writes that the relics may appear to be precious metal but they are actually just plated gold and silver and are of no monetary value.

Still, the thieves may try to pawn the relics at local shops, worse yet,  try to dump the relics if they don’t have a buyer.

Many of the shops were contacted yesterday with a warning that the thieves may try to sell them.

Friar Eric asks that if you see them, contact the Friary. 

SEE an example of what the relics look like below:

READ Pale Eric Forbes’ 2 emails below:



It seems that our relics on the altar may have been stolen.  Please pray to St Anthony that we will get them back somehow.

One possibility : can someone track down people advertising “We Buy and Sell Gold” and alert them that they may be dealing with stolen goods.  Explain to them what a reliquary looks like; little golden and silver round containers with a glass window, with a stand.  We lost 2 of them last night.


The police advised if people can be alerting the SCRAP METAL people, in addition to gold dealers and pawn shops, that would be good.  But at least we have a case number in case anything gets turned into GPD.
Please pray hard that if the thief learns that the reliquaries themselves are not gold, that they not be tempted to trash them if they find no buyer.  And that somehow we get them back.
But at least we have done all we can.  It’s in God’s hands.