Remaining USS Roosevelt sailors check out of Tumon hotels

The USS Roosevelt returned to Guam Wednesday morning after completing its carrier qualifications in the Philippine Sea. (PNC photo by Kent Pueblo)

The USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors who remained in quarantine on Guam have now cleared out of Tumon hotels.

There were approximately 1800 crew members left behind on Guam when the Roosevelt took to the Philippine Sea two weeks ago.

They were either isolated on the Naval base if COVID-positive or finishing up their mandatory quarantine in hotels if they tested negative.

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On the air with K57’s Patti Arroyo this morning, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said she had a recent conversation with Joint Region Commander Rear Admiral John Menoni who indicated that the sailors in quarantine would be leaving the hotels when the ship came back to pick up any “work-ready” crew members.

PNC spoke with the Westin Resort which confirmed that the 270 sailors remaining there checked out at 3 p.m. yesterday.

The Governor said Menoni confirmed that most of the 1800 sailors are now re-boarding the ship.

“He was talking about maybe 1,100. There are still some that are going to stay behind that are still positive. And he said that those that are staying behind, they’re going to work on sending them home. So now that the USS Theodore Roosevelt is here, they’re picking up the remaining sailors and I think he told me about 1,100,” the governor said.

In a statement to PNC News this week, Lieutenant Rachel McMarr with Pacific Fleet Public Affairs said sailors who do not meet the return-to-work criteria and need additional time ashore to recover will remain in isolation on Naval Base Guam.

Once recovered, they will be airlifted either onboard the carrier or back to their final duty station if the TR is already out on a mission.

The USS Roosevelt returned to Guam Wednesday morning after completing its carrier qualifications in the Philippine Sea.

At its peak, the warship had confirmed over 1100 COVID-positive cases among its crew.

Mary Rhodes, the president of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, confirmed with PNC that there were no remaining Roosevelt sailors in Tumon hotels.

Rhodes said the last of the members cleared out today.

However, military officials say that there are some TR sailors who flew into Guam from the states and have to complete their required 14-day restriction of movement imposed by the military.

Some of those sailors are still checked into Guam hotels.