Renovation of Southern High Gym Slated to Begin Monday, December 10


Guam – Guam DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez has announced that the renovation of the Southern High School gymnasium is set to begin Monday, December 10. Contractor, BME & Sons, has obtained the building permit for the SHS Gym Renovation project.

The cost of renovation to the gym is $2,915,699.88. The contractor, BME & Sons, has completed the remaining 30% of the design (70% design was completed prior to the Bid Solicitation) and will start renovation and repair construction, to include repairing the centralized air conditioning system, electrical, plumbing, restroom renovation and interior finishes.

The renovation project will span 240 days, including the design completion and permitting phases. It is scheduled to be completed May 22, 2013.

“We’re very happy to announce this bit of progress in our school district’s efforts to properly equip the students of Southern High with the basic facilities they need in their day-to-day educational activities,” said Superintendent Fernandez.

“Sports and physical education are important aspects of education,” said Fernandez. “They are integral to building physical fitness and good health in our students and staff. They also cultivate school pride and unity, which means students are more apt to invest their time in the teaching and learning that occur at their campus.”

Once BME takes possession of the building and starts construction, the gym cannot be used, or accessed, by any students or GDOE personnel until completed. It will be BME’s responsibility to maintain the security of the building for everyone’s safety.