Reorganization Advisory No. 8 – Department of Agriculture Streamlined


Guam – The Administration today released the following advisory on the re-organization of the Department of Agriculture.

READ Re-Organization Advisory #8 in FULL below:

Reorganization Advisory No. 8

This is to notify Guamanians that I have exercised 48 United States Code §1422c.(c), a provision of the Organic Act of Guam, which reads: (c) Reorganization. The Governor shall, from time to time, examine the organization of the executive branch of the government of Guam, and shall determine and carry out such changes therein as are necessary to promote effective management and to execute faithfully the purposes of this chapter and the laws of Guam.

November 10, 2011

I approved the reorganization of Department of Agriculture today. The following changes are effective today:

1.     The Animal & Plant Industry Division no longer exists

2.     The Animal Health Section will be outsourced in its entirety

3.     There is a new Biosecurity Division, as mandated by Public Law 31-43, which will take under its auspices:

a.     Plant Inspection Section (taken from the Animal & Plant Industry Division)

b.     Invasive Species Section

4.     The Plant Nursery Section (once under the Animal & Plant Industry Division) now is part of the Agricultural Development Services Division

5.     The Conservation Law Enforcement Section now is under the purview of the Director

Mariquita Taitague is the Director of Agriculture; Manuel Cruz is the Deputy Director of Agriculture.

This reorganization will begin the process of:

1.     Identifying redundancies and eliminating them

2.     Consolidating functions and services for better and faster service to the customers of this agency

3.     Consolidating resources and breaking down bureaucratic barriers

4.     Pulling together resources to help farmers succeed as entrepreneurs

5.     Pulling together resources to promote agricultural sustainability and, thus, discourage import of agriculture

6.     Pulling together resources to protect the island from invasive species

7.     Pulling together resources to better enforce the conservation laws

8.     Creating accountability for fishery resource management

9.     Creating accountability for wildlife resource management

There will be a reduction in force.

I approve this reorganization with the firm belief that if we are to demand change and progress, we must change the way the government provides its services. On behalf of Governor Calvo, I applaud the Director and Deputy Director of Agriculture for their pioneering efforts to increase agriculture for the benefit of our environment and our economy. It is their foresight and commitment to farmers, the decrease of imports, the increase of exports, the enforcement of conservation laws, the efforts against invasive species, the reduction of the stray animal population and the reforestation of Guam that will meet the demands of our community living in the Twenty-first Century.