Report: 1,435 tax filings for 2018 processed so far

Department of Revenue and Taxation (PNC file photo)

Guam – As of March, the administration has processed around 1,435 filings for tax year 2018, according to the latest income tax report from the Department of Revenue and Taxation

DRT submitted the status report for March 2019, which includes statistics from previous years.

According to the report 62,165 refunds were paid out for tax year 2017 as of March 2018 with 2,467 refunds paid in that month.

As of the end of last month, March 2019, the current administration is behind by 1,032 refunds with only 1,435 filings processed and awaiting payments for tax year 2018.

Indicated also are the number of unprocessed refunds with Tax Year 2017 showing 280 filings unprocessed and tax year 2018 with 11,161 refunds waiting in the wings. This means Rev & Tax is unable to refund filings for tax year 2018 until all government debts to the people for tax year 2017 are paid out.

According to the report, the government paid around $124.93 million worth of refunds in tax year 2017.