Report: Moore, Castro knew each other through illegal drugs

Nicholas Moore, left, and Michael Castro (PNC composite photo)

Nicholas Moore and Michael Castro, the man Moore is accused of murdering, were
associated with each other through the use of illegal drugs and prescription pills, court documents stated.

According to the magistrate’s report on the case, Moore and Castro were involved in a recent falling out involving drugs and a woman.

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A witness, who has both personal and drug-related interactions with both Castro and Moore, told police that a week prior to Castro going missing, he moved into the home of the witness.

According to the magistrate’s complaint, a mutual, female acquaintance of the witness, Castro, and Moore had agreed to perform sexual acts on Castro in exchange for money. Castro initially paid her, but, according to the female acquaintance, Castro stole the money from her alter the fact and this caused the witness to kick Castro out of the residence.

According to police, they located the female acquaintance, interviewed her, and corroborated the witness’s recollection of events.

The witness further stated that on October 29, 2020, Moore was at the witness’s house along with a third party and an argument ensued between Moore and the third party, resulting in Moore allegedly stating that he was going to “take care of Michael” and that he was going to rob “Michael.”

During this argument, the witness alleged that Moore brandished a gun and left the residence with a gun.

According to the witness, Moore called him on the morning of October 30, 2020, and asked him to stop by the Unitek property owned by Moore’s dad because Moore had something for him. He did so and Moore allegedly provided the witness with illegal prescription drugs.

On November 6, 2020, Moore came to the witness’s residence and allegedly confessed that he had murdered Michael Castro by stabbing him using a combat knife.

On November 7, 2020, Moore picked up the witness and allegedly asked him for help in erasing surveillance footage at Unitek, court documents stated.