Reported $69 per meal at GovGuam quarantine facility questioned

Tumon hotel used by the government of Guam for quarantine. (PNC file photo)

One lawmaker is questioning the reported $69 per meal cost at the GovGuam quarantine facility at the Dusit Beach Resort and Dusit Tower.

According to Sen. James Moylan, the Government of Guam is spending $69 per meal, per person, for every room that is occupied.

“Is this correct, or was this misreported? If this is accurate, may we know how was this contract procured, and what exactly is being served at this cost? Even if this were misreported, and the $69 price tag for the meals is ‘per day,’ assuming that three meals are being served, this would amount to $23 per meal. Once again, what is being served at this cost? I believe the people of Guam deserve answers as to why their government would be entering into a contract for meals at these costs,” Moylan stated in a letter to Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Arthur San Agustin

At $69 per meal, if 3 meals are being served for the 441 occupied rooms, Moylan said this would amount to an excess of $90,000 per day (or over $2.7 million a month).

“This is also assuming each room has just one occupant, which we know is not always the case. These are monies that could have been utilized to provide an array of support programs for thousands of displaced residents, who have been impacted by this crisis.
I appreciate a response to this inquiry. If this was misreported, then please provide an accurate breakdown of how much exactly is being expended by the government of Guam for meals at the Quarantine Facility. Likewise, what are the costs per meal at the Isolation Facility? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated,” the senator concluded.