Reps Bordallo & Davis Invite “You Lie!” Congressman Wilson to Sit With Them For State of Union


Guam – CNN is reporting that Democrat Representatives Madelline Bordallo of Guam and California Representative Susan Davis invited Congressman Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina to sit between them for President Barak Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Wilson is the Republican congressman who heckled President Obama’s health care speech in 2009 by shouting out “You lie!”

Wilson spokesman Neal Patel told CNN that the Congressman will be flanked by Davis and Bordallo to show his willingness to work with the opposition party. All three serve on the House Armed Services Committee and Bordallo is the ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on Readiness.

[The State of the Union Address will be delivered Tuesday evening in Washington, Wednesday morning here on Guam.]

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Wilson apologized for his outburst that night, but was widely criticised by both Republicans in his own party and Democrats.

CNN also reports that Democratic Senator Mark Udall initiated the idea of mixed seating for the State of the Union. Wilson was invited by the two women to sit in the section traditionally populated by Democrats.

His spokesman said he was “honored” by the overture.