Republican Chair Confident In Election Out Come


Guam – This past September, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele visited Guam in hopes that the Republican party could win on Guam in November. Well November is here and Tuesday night is the big night.


Guam’s Republican Chair Jess Torres feels confident that the Republican party will do well during this election.

Torres says, ” I’m am an eternal optimist, we have been working so hard over the last year to year and a half, lead by our Gubernatorial team of Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio.  I believe we will have at least a minimum of 8 people in the 31st Guam Legislature and Adelup will stay Republican.”

But Torrres says the Republican Party isn’t taking anything lightly because there are a lot heavy hitters with the Democratic Party. He says in recent years the legislature was led by Democratic party. But he feels The Republican has the confidence of the people of Guam.