Republican Gubernatorial Hopefuls Square off At Chamber Meeting


Guam – The Guam Chamber of Commerce heard from both Republican candidates for Governor Wednesday.

Both were asked to speak about their perspectives on economic stimulus. Senator Eddie Calvo spoke first. He focused on how his administration would maximize the economic growth caused by the military buildup but he also focused on how his administration would differ from the Camacho/Cruz administration.

“Now on policy I’ll be very clear and straight up on it in a Calvo/Tenorio administration not only will the budget be balanced but I will focus on the areas of education, health, and safety in terms of prioritization but we’re not going to have a 60 million dollar shortfall and we’re not going to think about raising taxes or adding any new taxes,” said Calvo adding, “very clear that Senator Espaldon did bring forward in the last debate he wants to re-evaluate the taxes not-only Q.C.’s for the tourism services industry but also exemptions for wholesalers and insurance companies and banks first of all for me people haven’t gotten their tax refunds in years why in the heck should they increase the taxes I think that’s just bad policy.”

Lt. Governor Mike Cruz on the other hand admitted that he was unprepared to speak about the topic of economic stimulus. “So i was talking to david and i noticed that on the little agenda form here we were supposed to speak specifically on the topic in our beginning speach perspectives on economic stimulus and development but that wasn’t in our letter I understand that you guys are on the chamber,” explained Blas.

Instead the Lt. Governor spoke to the Chamber about his background his upbringing and his character. “I realized that if I’m gonna ask you to vote for me then you need to know the kind of person I am what motivates me what makes me tick because it is the character that I’m asking you to consider as to why the Cruz Espaldon team is the team at this time for Guam.”

The Calvo/Tenorio team and the Cruz/Espaldon team will face off again next week during the great debates at UOG on September 2nd at 7p.m.