Republican Gubenatorial Teams Pull no Punches in Final Debate


Guam – Last night saw both Republican Gubenatorial teams go head to head for the last time before the primary election.

During the Great Debate the University of Guam fieldhouse was packed with cheering supporters as both teams held no punches. The great debate was designed to have the candidates talk about their views on specific topics. The questions asked were purposely constructed in a generalized manner. “Please contrast and share your views on land,” said a member of the student panel.

“Yeah, land is not for sale but it’s important that we just don’t give it away like our opponents have done with Pagat,” responded Gubenatorial candidate Senator Eddie Calvo. “My opponent in the 29th legislature introduced or authored a bill to exchange land right next to the Ordot dump of a close friend of his for two lovers point land,” rebutted Gubenatorial Candidate and current Lt. Governor Mike Cruz.

They went at it when asked about their thoughts on healthcare. “You don’t need to be a doctor to improve health care you just need someone who cares,” stated Calvo. “But it took this doctor and a whole bunch of nurses and doctors and staff at GMH to get GMH accredited.” replied Cruz.

The candidates for Lt. governor wouldn’t hold back either. Senator Ray Tenorio attacked the current administration which Cruz is a part of. “Ladies and gentlemen our people deserve better we deserve streetlights we deserve to have sewer we deserve to have better roads our partners talk about uniting our people the only uniting happening with our people is the people in barrigada the traffic jams the people in sinajana with the traffic the people in tamuning with the traffic there is a lot of uniting going on but I wanna tell you in a calvo tenorio administration we will put in infrastructure because we will harness this military buildup and put the money in your villages,” said Tenorio. Senator Jim Espaldon rebutted saying “We’ve heard the other team talk about all the faults of this administration and this government and they always say we shortchange the people but they have offered no solution on how they are going to provide the funding they talk about all the shortfalls but then there are some realities in terms of finances they have not come up with any plans on how they are gonna infuse some additional cash into this government so they can actually go ahead and purchase all of these things.”

In the end both teams appealed to Guam pride as both grabbed the Guam Flag off the stage and waved it during their closing remarks. Lt. Governor Cruz recited the Inifresi (a locally written pledge) “We will make this one promise, Ginnen I mas takhilo na hinnasoku, from the very essence of my intelligence, I mas takhalom I korason-hu from the deapness of my heart Yan i Mas Figo na nina sina hu and every fiber of my physical strenght hu efresen maisa yu para bai hu i make this self-fulfilling prophesy prutehi yan hu difende to protect and defend i hinenge i kottura i lenguahi the beliefs the culture the language I aire I hanom yan I tano chamoru the air the water and the land of the chamoru.”

In their closing remarks Tenorio would march across the stage behind the Cruz/Espaldon team’s podium to grab the Flag of Guam and wave it behind his running mate as Calvo stated “Now is the time for big dreams now is the time for change now is the time to put this Calvo- Tenorio blueprint together raise your hearts raise your hearts together raise your hearts for guam biba guam biba guam biba todu i toatao i guam, god bless you god bless you all we love you all we love you Guam.”

Tommorrow the public will decide who will go on to face the Democrat team of former governor Carl Guttierez and Senator Frank Aguon Jr. We will provide live coverage of the election night results beginning at 8pm on Fox 6. You don’t wanna miss it we’ll also be joined in studio with special guests Democrat Mike Phillips and Republican Phil Flores.