Republican Leaders Express for an End to the Public Health Emergency


The fight from the Right side of the aisle continues.

Republican leaders are pushing Governor Lou Leon Guerrero to end the Public Health Emergency.

Reporting on this story is PNC’s Don Sulat

Recently, President Joe Biden, in a televised interview, said that the COVID Pandemic is over.

Local Public Health Officials, such as Territorial Epidemiologist Dr. Ann Pobutsky, have also corroborated the President’s statements. Calling Guam’s COVID trends more of an endemic.

Saying that COVID is here, and should be treated similarly to the common cold, and something that the people must learn to live with.

Using the aforementioned statements, Republican leaders, such as Congressional candidate, and current Senator James Moylan said, “The unfortunate reality we all face is that COVID-19 is becoming endemic…the virus isn’t going away, and we will have to learn to endure it.”

PNC previously reported, that due to Guam’s COVID trends declining, Guam’s Public Health has decided to close hotel testing sites, and the Agana Shopping center site as well.

Governor and Lt. Governor candidates, Felix Camacho, and current Senator Tony Ada are also expressing their want for the Governor to end the Public Health emergency.

Arguing in a media release that, “overall test positivity rates and hospital surge levels are lower…it is time to act. Governor Leon Guerrero returns basic rights to our citizens – end the public health emergency.”

The Governor, in response to her Gubernatorial competitor’s push the end the Public Health Emergency, told NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, that the Public Health Emergency status is needed as it allows the island access to federal dollars and benefits.

And reminds that, despite the island being in a state of public health emergency that there are no COVID restrictions to lift.

Governor Lou said,  “There are no restrictions right now. I don’t understand, I think my opponent is confused about Public Health Emergency vs Restrictions. We could have a public health emergency with no restrictions, and that’s what we have right now. We’ve lifted all the restrictions for a couple of months already.”

Currently, the Governor only mandates mask wearing within healthcare settings, as required under Executive Order 2022-21.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center.
I’m Don Sulat.

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