Republican Party of Guam ‘elated’ with Action PAC endorsements


The Republican Party of Guam has expressed elation with the bignumber of GOP candidates attaining the support of Action PAC Inc.

Action PAC is a local entity comprised of a number of organizations, representing thousands of island residents in the private sector. It has announced a slate of 12 senatorial candidates, whose platform they are supporting for the 36th Guam Legislature.

Ten of the 12 candidates are running under the Republican banner: Former Senator Tony Ada, former Senator Chris Duenas, Michelle Armenta, Ken Leon Guerrero, former Senator Frank Blas Jr., Senator James Moylan, Vince Borja, Senator Telo Taitague, J.I. Cruz, and Senator Mary Torres.


Action PAC Inc. was organized to raise concerns within the private sector. With the pandemic resulting in over 35,000 island residents being either furloughed or experiencing reduced hours at work, hundreds of small businesses closing, and the island being considered an unfriendly jurisdiction for commerce, they decided to band together to support candidates who were aligned with improving our economic conditions.

The Republican Party of Guam has repeatedly reiterated our concerns with the present leadership in both Adelup and the Guam Legislature on their management of this crisis, including their inactivity during the heart of the pandemic as thousands of our residents were being affected. We look forward to working with stakeholders in both the private and public sectors to help our economy rebound, and we have a great slate of candidates ready to get to work.

(Republican Party of Guam News Release)