Republican Party of Guam issues 4th of July message


The Republican Party of Guam issued the following 4th of July message:

“As the day comes to a close, the Republican Party of Guam reflects on a peaceful day and expresses gratitude for the values we hold dear that we celebrate: freedom, democracy, patriotism, family values, an unapologetic faith in God, a representative government, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility; we uphold the ideals that we are delivered from challenges through the sweat of our brow and work of our hands, as graced by an almighty God.

“We do not profess that our status as an unincorporated territory is perfect; on the contrary, we have a long road ahead, but we meet the journey head-on, balanced, and with civil discourse. Guamanians are proud Americans. We are proud of our President and the country of which we are a part, the very same who brought upon relief in these difficult times, especially when our leadership here at home lay deafening in their silence.

“We are the party of Lincoln, who abolished slavery, restored the unity of these United States; we are the true party of the people. We are the party of Reagan, whose fiscal conservatism and strength in defense ushered us into the new century and into this new millennium.

“We continue this plight and know that those who also hold these values dear to them are welcome to lock arm in arm with us.

“We wish all Guamanians a safe and blessed weekend. God bless America and God bless Guam!”