Republican Party of Guam urges legislature to focus on the economy and cut costs


The Republican Party of Guam has issued a statement asking the Legislature “to focus on the real emergency impacting our community, and that is the state of our economy.”

The GOP cited a recent report which indicated that the Government of Guam’s collections are short by about $47.4 million, which is an estimated 8.5% shortfall.

“While the tax filing date was moved from April 15 to July 15, and the government believes that a portion of this shortage will be reflected in the July collection reports, the reality is that there are no timelines with an end date for this global pandemic, hence elected officials must prioritize reducing the cost of running this government, and do so immediately,” the GOP release stated.

According to the Republican Party, the leadership of the legislature needs to accept the reality that the legislative and executive branches are co-equal branches of government, and thus the community expects the Guam Legislature to make its own decisions and not allow Adelup to control the actions on the legislative session floor.

“While it is clear that the executive branch absolutely refuses to reduce costs, the legislative branch needs to do the responsible thing and identify cost-cutting measures. Even at the heart of the pandemic, knowing that government collections would be bleak, Adelup continues to hire, and other than a few Republican senators, the Guam Legislature said absolutely nothing,” the GOP charged.

As the legislature enters the budget discussion season in August, the GOP said it would be “almost dreadful” if the 35th Guam Legislature allows the executive branch to attain the nearly billion-dollar budget that they are requesting.

“It would be absolutely laughable if they did not recognize the state of our economy for Fiscal Year 2021 and work towards cutting spending on less priorities. It is highly recommended that the legislature place blinders on when it comes to who occupies Adelup and instead start acting as senators who are provided the responsibility of passing a realistic budget. Our economy is indeed truly in a State of Emergency, so elected officials need to accept this reality and act immediately,” the GOP concluded.