Republican Senators Issue Letter of Support for H.R. 4402


Guam – The Republican Caucus of the Guam Legislature has issued a letter of support for Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s bill, H.R. 4402.

It comes a day after the Mayor’s Council approved a resolution supporting the same bill which would create a “Surface Danger Zone” [SDZ] over part of the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge to allow a Marine Firing Range complex to be placed on Northwest Field above.

In a letter to the Congresswoman, the GOP Senators asked her to  ensure that the bill’s provisions are included in the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA] that  will soon be debated in the House of Representatives.

READ the GOP Senators letter to Congresswoman Bordallo HERE

A release issued by the Office of  Minority Leader Senator Tony Ada says the GOP Senators “acknowledge the concerns raised over public access to the refuge and the return of Ritidian land to original landowners” and they request “that these issues be addressed at the federal level.”

Senator Aline Yamashita also sent out a release touting GOP support for the buildup by citing resolution #173 as an example. It also serves as an example of democratic support because Resolution #173 was passed, 6 months ago, unanimously by both Democratic and Republican Senators who declared their support for the buildup.  [see below]

SEE the voting sheet on Resolution #173

When asked about the release, the Senator’s Chief Analyst, Tanya Champaco Mendiola explained in an email that “the Senator is just restating the Republicans’ support of the military. The resolution was cited as an example of their continued support …”

READ the release from Senator Ada below:

Republican Senators Express Support for H.R. 4402 

The Guam Legislature’s GOP Caucus expressed its support today for Congresswoman  Madeleine Bordallo’s measure that would authorize a Surface Danger Zone over the Wildlife Refuge at Ritidian. H.R. 4402, introduced by Bordallo, would allow for the use of Northwest Field as the Marine Corps Live Fire Training Range Complex.

In a letter to Congresswoman Bordallo signed by all members of the Republican caucus, the senators requested that the congresswoman seek to ensure that the bill’s provisions be incorporated into the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA) that will soon be debated by the House of Representatives. Guam’s Republican senators consider this year’s NDAA to be an opportunity to get the military buildup back on track.

While urging passage of the provisions of H.R. 4402, the GOP senators acknowledged the concerns raised over public access to the refuge and the return of Ritidian land to original landowners and further requested that these issues be addressed at the federal level.  

READ the release from Senator Yamashita below: