Republican Senators Seek More Committees & More Funding


Senator’s Jim Espaldon and Frank Blas Jr. Say Republican Minority Should Have Parity

Guam – Republican senators are asking for more money for their office budgets.

At the inauguration ceremony today Senator Jim Espaldon brought the matter up through a point of inquiry during the adoption of the standing rules. The adoption of the standing rules is typically a procedure that takes place without much fanfare however this time around it was objected to by Senator Frank Blas Jr.

Blas and Espaldon explained to PNC that the Republican minority feels they should be given some committees to preside over in order to be given more responsibility and more funding to allow them to serve the people of Guam as the Democrats do. “Our perspective is my perspective is well then if it’s all based on committees since there’s only fifteen of us we should all have a committee that way we all have the same budgets and we all can all do something but the way it is now since we don’t have chairmanships of any committees we have a reduced budget,” said Senator Jim Espaldon. Senator Blas explained saying, “What we’re looking for is parity we’re asking for parity and we’re asking for continued discussion on this thing.”

Typically the party with the majority presides over all committees and therefore gets the bulk of legislative funding for their offices.