Barnes Resolution Calls on Congresswoman to Fight for Guam’s Share of Tourism Dollars


Guam – The Guam Legislature is asking Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo to make sure Guam gets its fair share of funds generated from federal tourism fees.


A legislative hearing was held this morning on a resolution that asks Congresswoman Bordallo to introduce legislation in the U.S. House to amend the “Tourism Promotion Act of 2009” to allow Guam to access tourism related dollars from the Federal Government. The act mandates a $10 fee on every foreign traveler to the United States.

With Guam attracting 1.3 Million tourists a year, senator Tina Muna Barnes said the island is missing out on millions of dollars.

“Guam is the Western-most soil of United States and we are in a competition for tourism dollar” Muna Barnes said.  “We’re imploring our Congresswoman to amend that Act of 2009.”

Former First Lady and Deputy General Manager of the Guam Visitor’s Bureau Joann Camacho emphasized the importance of including all territories in the travel promotion program.

“When we stay unified and on the same course it helps us,” said Camacho. “I think what we need to do with congresswoman coming in the coming weeks is to a time line to get this resolved and pushed through.”