Residents, Advocates Strongly Support Medical Marijuana Bill


Senator Tina Muna-Barnes has also introduced companion legislation for Guam’s medical marijuana.

Guam – In contrast to the first several public hearings, medical cannabis advocates have now thrown their support behind bill 345 to reject the current rules and regulations for Guam’s medical marijuana.


Familiar faces but a slightly different tone for the first public hearing for a bill to reject the current proposed rules and regulations for Guam’s medical marijuana.

“I agree with many of the things this fellow citizen has said about the rules and my other statements about the first draft of the rules and the second draft of the rules. I do here support the rejection of the rules,” says Resident August Fest. 

“At the final hearing for the proposed rules governing the K.C. Concepcion II Compassionate Cannabis Use Act of 2013 as prepared by the department of public health and social services and transmitted by the office of the governor- it was our position to and recommendation to reject the proposed rules and we are in full support of bill 345,” said Women Grow Guam President Andrea Pellicani.

“On behalf of many I’ve spoken to and myself, I humbly ask that you support the passing of bill 343, 344, and 345,” said Leilani Peredo.

This is the first public hearing on a series of bills introduced by Senator Barnes regarding medical marijuana. Those who testified spoke about the need to reject the current proposed rules and regulations in order to salvage Guam’s medical marijuana program. Leilani Peredo, a member of the medical cannabis advocacy group “Women Grow Guam,” testified for the need to break the stigma that is attached with cannabis.

“One has the absolute premise of fear. From hearing outdated ideas and myths that are reminiscent of reefer madness. [But also propaganda and misinformation that has been long dispelled but being said with such conviction. The critics ask ‘what happens if [cannabis] gets into the wrong hands?’ and they ask this with genuine concern. With genuine concern I respond that it already is,” said Peredo.

Senator Barnes has also introduced companion legislation for Guam’s medical marijuana. Bill 343 adds provisions to a new set of rules and regulations and bill 344 adds home cultivation to the medical marijuana program. The public hearings for bill 343 and 344 are on July 20th and July 22nd in the legislative public hearing room.

You can read a press release from “Women Grow Guam,” attached to the story.