Residents air views on Liberation Carnival games of chance

Tax revenues generated by the games of chance which returned to the carnival this year did not generate as much money for GovGuam as many had hoped.

Last Sunday, the 75th Liberation Carnival opened to the public. However, the issue of games of chance being allowed at the event has sparked some conflict. PNC took it to the streets to see what you had to say about gambling at the Liberation Carnival.

Concerning games of chance, one expressed his opinion about how long such activities should be available.

Raymond Barnes, a Barrigada resident, said: “If it is only for this year, and it’s on a limited time basis only for that particular event, then I’m good for it. But if it’s for prolonging it…”

An NCS resident said if it is helping the people, he’s okay with it. “But if it’s just for profit, the individual, then…more power to them.”

But whatever your opinion of games of chance is, the carnival is open at the Paseo de Susana in Hagatna until Aug. 7 after 4 pm on weekdays and after 12 pm on weekends.