Residents rate Governor’s performance

Residents share their thoughts on the governor's performance. (PNC photo)

Just shy of the 100th day mark, PNC took it to the streets to get the community’s thoughts on Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero performance in office.

“Oh, she’s getting a 9,” Freddie Bernard Steven, Tamuning resident.

“I’m impressed with the changes in the short time that I’ve seen already,” Angie Iba, Dededo resident.

“So far, so good,” James Kim, Dededo resident.

Regarding what’s she’s contributed to the island, residents had good things to say about a recent bill her administration passed.

“Like the legalization of marijuana – it really helps people with epilepsy and stuff like that. Like, my uncle, he’s epileptic and that thing really calms him down. So I think it’s a good change, but hopefully they don’t abuse the privilege that’s given to the public,” Iba said.

“I think it’s going to be good for the economy on the island. I think it’s going to help bring in some much needed money. I think, we’re not going to be broke, that’s for sure. In debt. Considering the state that we’re in right now. It was a good move on her part, honestly,” Kim said.

Overall, their outlook about her future seemed promising.

“It’s working. It seems like the government is working now,” Steven said.