Improper face mask use reported

PNC also spoke with a Kmart store employee who wishes to remain anonymous. The employee confirmed that improper face mask use is prevalent and that they're enforcing proper use.

A number of retail establishments across the island are opening their doors for business, but many island residents are turning to social media to express their concerns about improper face mask use and the risk of exposure.

Concerns over improper face mask use are appearing on social media. In one post, a concerned resident wrote that people were seen shopping inside stores with their face masks below their nose or on top of their heads as they shopped.

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PNC spoke with several shoppers today to get their views on whether shoppers are adhering to the social distancing measures.

Dom Cabanayn said: “Yeah I have seen it below their noses or just on top of their heads walking around like it’s okay. I mean, we are coming out and getting what we need. But you know, we are still trying to be safe.”

One manamko told PNC: “I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I, personally, think it’s too soon to be opening up. But there are some things that you just have to come out to buy like medicines and household essentials. I hope that everybody is using proper masks and gloves.”

PNC also spoke with a Kmart store employee who wishes to remain anonymous. The employee confirmed that improper face mask use is prevalent and that they’re enforcing proper use.

“Yes, they remind us to walk around and when you see them not wearing their mask correctly, we just ask them to put their masks on properly,” the employee said.

On social media, concerns were also raised about allowing children in retail stores. One Facebook post posed the idea of not allowing children inside stores out of fear that they may spread germs by touching products.

Each individual PNC spoke with said they were concerned about their risk of exposure now that retail stores are open for business.

The Kmart store employee, meanwhile, shared that since PCOR2 and the distribution of the economic stimulus checks, more shoppers are spending their time perusing the store instead of getting in and out quickly for essentials.


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