Residents talk about life under 5th week of Guam’s public health emergency


As we enter our fifth week under a public health emergency, the lines have grown longer and farther apart.

At the bank, at the grocery store, and now at traffic road-blocks.

How are you holding up? PNC asked a few people waiting in line at the Bank of Guam on Monday.

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Mark Curtis, from Dededo, said: “At the same time this coronavirus came along I just got diagnosed with diabetes. And it’s kind of like balancing in between things. I worry sometimes. I’m trying to keep it safe like everybody else.”

Jasmine Hassman said: “Yes sir, I’m worried sir, because of the coronavirus.”

Daniel Enciso, from Dededo, said: “The way I see it, if they don’t give us assistance and food what can I do? People are going to go berserk. They’re gonna steal, they’re gonna rob somebody.”

Roe Magdalen said: “It’s not good, of course. May God please look after all of us. That’s what I think.”

Monte Handley from Dededo, said: “It’s a little bit frustrating but it’s something we have to deal with right now so we just do what we can. It’ll be back to normal soon, hopefully.”

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