Residents warned over phone scam

Residents are urged to not answer any unexpected calls from international or unusual numbers.

The Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC) is warning residents to not answer or return calls from unusual or unexpected numbers.

According to MRFC, the phone numbers may begin in area code 881 or 882 and are seemingly “spoofed,” which means it is imitated or disguised to appear as a different number.

This is not the first time that calls of this nature were reported on Guam.

Last year, residents also reported receiving phone calls from the number +8818215501200 after which the caller hangs up after one or two rings before anyone can answer the call.

According to Guam Homeland Security, this is part of a known scam called “Wangiri” or in Japanese “one ring and one drop.” The intent of the scam is to have people return the phone call which will then charge international premium rates to the customer automatically.

GHS says the Marianas Regional Fusion Center is closely monitoring the scam and warns residents not to answer the phone call and, more importantly, not to call the number back.

Residents are urged to follow these tips:

* Do not answer any unexpected calls from international or unusual numbers;
* If you have a missed call from an international or unusual number with only one ring, do not be tempted to call back; and
* If an international or unusual number calls you with only one ring, block the number, if possible.

Residents are advised to report any suspicious activity or social media posts relating to the subject to the MRFC online at or email or call (671) 475-0400, following the Department of Homeland Security’s campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something.”